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"When we look at the power situation in India, 'depressing' or 'gloomy' appear to be mild words to describe it. In the short, medium and long term, efficiency in the use of energy will be crucial part of the technological milieu of all sectors."- APJ Abdul Kalam 
H. E. President of India

Managing a Vital Resource... Energy
The most daunting challenges today is to maintain sustainable economic development under the constraints of limited non-renewable energy resources and fragile environmental systems. The development, rather the survival itself, shall depend on our ability to gather resources and energy from surroundings, and on the skill and knowledge to use them effectively. The opening of economy has accelerated industrialisation and urbanisation in India, at the same time, it has placed an ever-increasing demand of energy... for both domestic and the industrial use. Energy management assumes a very important function in industries desiring to be competitive in global business market.

Our mission is to save customers money and improve quality of the environment through independent energy solutions. Saket is not affiliated with any energy provider or with any equipment manufacturer. We make unbiased choices with regard to sources of energy supply, energy equipment and technical solutions. Our focus is saving money for the customer and not to provide an energy commodity or equipment. This has contributed in accomplishing our mission.

Our approach is based in a close understanding of our clients' needs and priorities. We work in partnership, and see clients and ourselves as a team. We provide a high quality service and our aim is for excellence in the technical performance of the solutions which we provide. To translate the energy conservation ideas into realities, we continuously innovate our approach & methodology and thereby contribute to the nation in saving the most precious input-Energy. Our experience and our ability to look at the long term enable us to continue developing our business with self confidence and energy


Our mission is to save customers money and improve quality of the environment through independent energy solutions. Saket is not affiliated with any energy provider or with any equipment manufacturer. We make unbiased choices with regard to sources of energy supply, energy equipment and technical solutions. Our focus is saving money for the customer and not to provide an energy commodity or equipment. This has contributed in accomplishing our mission.

Core Activities of Energy Management Division

Energy management was recognized as a need of the day and Energy Management Division (EMD) was formed in 1995 with intent to decipher the Energy Conservation ideas into reality.

Energy Management Division (EMD) has played a pivotal role in establishing huge energy saving in large number of industries with the help of highly skilled manpower backed up by state-of-the-art microprocessor based instruments. The technical team of EMD comprises of well-qualified engineers, having thorough experience of undertaking the study of energy systems in various segments of industry.

Energy Management Division well placed today to offer a comprehensive service package comprising of:

Besides, we have the financial and technical capabilities to undertake Design, Detailed Engineering, Execution & Commissioning of EE (Energy Efficiency) projects under ESCO Concept with performance guarantee. Under the contract, ESCO finances the project either through own funds or by borrowing from third party. Thus, the ESCO not only takes-on the performance risk but also risk associated with customers' credit worthiness.

Saket possesses crucial infrastructure facilities such as sets of latest microprocessor based measuring instruments and a well-equipped computer LAN center for data analysis and presentation. The Energy Management Division is doing a commendable job by creating an awareness of Energy Conservation with technically feasible solutions.

Our Energy Auditors not only carries the Techno Feasibility Reports but also goes beyond that and helps its clients in Financial Monitoring, Understanding Financial Returns with aspect to specific time frame. Like this we carry out all the technicalities while doing Energy Audits, we also help our clients to better understand the financial implications, the period of returns, evolution of good vendor for implementation and assistance. So like this our team gives assistance in both the manner namely Technical Feasibility and Financial Feasibility.

In the current competitive scenario of the industries, Saket has played a crucial role with its exhaustive experience and expertise in enhanced operational and management practices within the stipulated time frame.

SAKET has emerged as an unrivaled leader in the field of "Energy Management" across the Gujarat State as well as the National Level.

Empanelment with State and National Agencies

SAKET pioneered energy audit/conservation activity not only in the state of Gujarat but also at the nation level. Saket has been honored to be the First private sector company in the State of Gujarat to get empanelled as authorized energy auditor from the Chief Electrical Inspector, Government of Gujarat.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of power, Government of India has qualified Saket projects Ltd as an "Energy Service Company (ESCO) – Grade – 2".

SAKET has been also recognized as approved energy auditor in the panel of:

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power

Energy Efficiencies Services Ltd (EESL), Ministry of Power Under PAT scheme

Chief Electrical Inspector, Government of Gujarat

Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA)

Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA)

Rajasthan Energy Development Agency (REDA)

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)

Chhatisgadh Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA)

Energy Management Centre – Kerala (EMC-Kerala)

Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (MPUVNL)

Non Conventional Energy Development Corporation (NEDCAP)

Recently, Saket has been authorized by Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) under PAT scheme.

Sectorial Analysis

Saket has, to it's credit, a large portfolio of Energy conservation assignments in diverse industrial segments as- Petrochemicals, Textiles, Engineering, Paper & Pulp, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Chemicals, Rubber, Infrastructure, Water / Sewage Pumping, Airports, Railways, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Government / Semi Government Institutions, Municipal Corporations/ULB etc.

Saket has been successfully conducted the energy audit assignments at prominent industries groups i.e Reliance, Nirma, Cadila, UPL, Bayer ABS, ONGC, Gail, Amul Dairy, Somany Ceramics, J. B. Chemicals, Torrent, Asian Paints, Hindustan Zink, GWSSB, GIDC, Various Municipal Corporations etc.

The detailed break-up of the sectors successfully audited is provided in the pie chart here under –

We have successfully conducted more than 500 nos. of detailed Energy Audits. EMD has introduced a unique "Save & Share" concept, which leads in a Win-Win situation. The experience has allowed EMD to offer a comprehensive ESCO package to its clients.

We have conducted varied audits in diverse industrial sectors successfully. This has resulted in not only sustainable growth but also energy savings of more than Rs.125.0 Crores/Annum. The saving in Electricity is above 45.0 MW in various industries.

Instruments Strength of Energy Management Division

Recognizing the need for precise energy measuring instruments, Saket has acquired Sophisticated fourth generation microprocessors based instruments, which are non–intrusive and can be used without any hinder to operation/production. Availability of multi sets of instruments has resulted to flexibility and versatility in executing nos. of assignments simultaneously. We have focused on sophisticated instruments that may comply with modern development.

1. Ultrasonic Flow Meter 04 sets  
  Range : ± 40 ft/sec. unto 100ft/sec. (0.25" to 360")   ultrasonic flowmeter
  Type : Doppler & Transits type  
  Accuracy : ± 0.3% to 0.5%  
  Feature : Inbuilt Totalization, Data Logging at programmable time interval  
  Application : Measurement of Flow rate of any liquid at various temperature/velocity/density  
2. Power Analyzer / 3 Phase Clamp-on Meter 08 sets  
  Range : 1Ø & 3Ø Balanced & Unbalanced system   ultrasonic flowmeter
  Accuracy : 0.3% FS + 0.3% reading - True RMS value  
  Application : Measurement of electrical parameters –
Data logging Facility Up to 24th V & I Harmonics Study
3. Digital Pressure Transmitters 02 nos.  
  Range : 0-10 kg/cm2   geda
  Accuracy : ± 0.075% of calibrated span  
  Range : 0-10 Kg/cm2  
  Application : Measurement of pressure S.S. Diaphragm type  
4. Differential Pressure Transmitter 04 sets  
  Range : 0-10 Kg/cm2   differential pressure transmiter
  Application : Measurement of Differential Pressure  
  Accuracy : ±1% or better of calibrated span  
5. Flue Gas Analyzer 04 sets  
  Application : Measurement of O2, Co.S Stack Temp, Ambient Temp. Excess Air Combustion Efficiency   flue gas analyzer
6. Multi Function Measuring Instrument 01 no.  
  Model : Testo 435   multi function measuring instrument
  Make : Testo India Pvt Ltd  
  Range : Temp. : -50..+ 150o C
Humidity : 0…+ 100% RH
Hot Wire : 0.6.+ 40 m/s
Pressure : 0…+2000 hPa
Lux : 0…100000 Lux
  Application : Measurement of Temperature
Relative Humidity, Velocity, Lux
  Application : Measurement of Flow rate of any liquid at various temperature/velocity/density  
7. RTD Digital Thermometer 02 nos.  
  Range : 0-200oC to 0-630oC   RTD digital thermometer
  Accuracy : ± 0.3oF to + 2oF depending on Temperature span & Resolution  
  Application : Measurement of Temp.  
8. Digital Lux Meter 04 nos.  
  Application : 0 to 50,000 lux - 3 ranges   digital lux meter
  Accuracy : ± 5% (2 digit)  
  Application : Measurement of light intensity  
9. Digital Clamp-on Meter 01 nos.  
  Range : AC Voltage - up to 600V 
Resistance - up to 100mohm 
AC/DC Current - up to 1000 A
  digital clamp on meter
  Application : Measure ACA, DCA, ACV, DCV, Resistance, Diode, Continuity, Temp.  
10. Digital Industrial Multimeter 04 sets  
  Range : 30 mv to 1000V, 3 mA to 300 mA   digital industrial multimeter
  Accuracy : Basic Accuracy 0.1% / 0.25%  
  Application : For measurement of V, A & Temp  
11. 4½ Digit Micro-ohm Meter/Multimeter 01 no.  
  Range : 0-1 P ohm to 20K ohm.    
  Application : For measurement of Voltage, Ampere, Resistance  
12. Non-contact Tachometer (With Tip Attachments) 01 no.  
  Range : 30-1, 00,000 RPM   non contact tachometer
  Application : Measurement of RPM  
13. Vane Type Anemometer 05 nos.  
  Range : 0.4 to 30 m/s   vane-type-anemometer
  Accuracy : Measurement of Velocity  
14. Machine Conditioner Analyzer/Tachometer 02 nos.  
  Make : SPM Instruments, India   machine-conditioner-analyzer
  Model : A-30  
  Range : Shock Pluse - 19 to 99 dBsv 
Vibration severity - 0.5 to 49.9 mm/s RMS
Speed - 10 to 19999 RPM optical
Temperature : -20oC to +350oC
  Accuracy : Shock Pulse - 1 dBsv 
Vibration severity - ±(0.2mm/s + 2% of reading) 
Speed - ±(1 rev. +0.1% of reading)
15. Sound Level Meter 01 no.  
  Range : 35 -130 db   sound-level-meter
16. Insulation Tester 01 no.  
  Rated Volt : 500 Volts   insulation-tester
  Range : Up to 100 M ohm  
  Application : Measurement of Resistance  
17. Temp. & Humidity Meter 02 nos.  
  Application : Measurement of Temp. & %
Relative Humidity
18. I. R. Thermometer (Heat Spy) 01 nos.  
  Range : 0-1380oC   ir-thermometer
  Target size at focal : inch dia. at 2 feet.  
  Point Practical Working Distance : 0-40 feet  
19. Ultra Sonic Leak Detector 01 no.  
  Range : 0-30 m   ultra-sonic-leak-detector
  Accuracy : Detects 0.005" (0.127mm) dia leak @ 5psi (0.34 bar)
at a distance pf 50ft. (15.24m),
Accurate 1% throughour entire scale
  Application : Vacuum/Pressure Leaks, Bearing Condition,
Stem Trap Inspection, Compressed air/gas leak

Man Power Strength

Our Energy Management Division is working under the dynamic and able leadership of Mr. Kaushal Shah a Certified Energy Auditor by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). He has more than 20 years experience in the field of Energy Audit & Conservations. The EMD is ably supported by full time employees having relevant experience of the energy field.

We at EMD have enforced on the scholastic and an experienced background as far as project execution is concerned for the industrial audit. With the blend of fresh talent and maturity, we are able to offer innovative solutions to intricate situations encountered during the project implementation. Our technical team is skilled and possesses expertise to handle major projects.

Our technical team has been given training for performing better on regular intervals so that they can cope up with the latest techniques and with the latest instruments usage. Our auditors are also sent to attend the technical seminars / training programmes for there Updation of knowledge in the field of energy conservation. So like this our team not only gets the in-house training but also sharpens the knowledge and skill by attending the training / seminar programmes.

Apart, our team possesses proven experience of project execution, equipment commissioning including overseas projects to suit the complexity of a particular assignment to optimize the savings. Moreover the interactions in daily review meetings generate lot of interest and awareness for a cohesive culture among the employees. Our manpower has gained significant familiarity for the development of software tools self sufficiently e.g. - Energy Forecast Model, Decision support Software for efficient equipment operation and Equipment Maintenance Management needs.

We deploy our technical team for the high-quality service backed by forth generation instruments during their operating span to respond to the rapidly developing world with their entrepreneurial approaches and timely decision-making.


This recognition to our efforts was further endorsed by State Government of Gujarat through an award and at National Level this recognition came when SAKET Energy Management Division won runners up award of the PCRA.

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